The West Kids  

“Every child is a different kind of flower, and all together they make this world a beautiful garden.” ~Author Unknown



Sophie’s Senior Pics  

This brilliant high school senior is graduating from St. Mary’s Academy this year! She trusted me with her senior pics, and selected Cathedral Park for her shoot. We had a blast! Isn’t she stunning?

The Lee Family  

These cutie pies joined me at Camille park for a family photo shoot the other day. It was SO fun to meet them and spend some time capturing the awe, exploration, and snuggles of their little one.



The J Winn Family  

I love it when my clients involve multiple generations and extended family members in their sessions. The special relationships between each of them is a joy to witness and so sweet to capture. What an honor to create treasures like these.

Alicia & Caitlin’s Senior Pics  

These two besties are graduating from the University of Oregon this year! They wanted to do their senior photos on campus together, also incorporating two of the special men in their lives – Alicia’s boyrfriend and Caitlin’s brother. Such sweet memories as they embark on post-graduate life!



Shaw Family  

It’s adorable families like this that keep me doing what I do. I mean, seriously, have you ever seen two cuter brothers? And their mama is so stinkin’ gorgeous, it’s no wonder her boys are this adorable.

Vedder Family  

I met the Vedder family this week during my first mini sessions in DC. What a delightful trio!! Check out this peek at their mini session.



Guerin Family – Spring 2016  

Oh, sweet, sweet baby Guerins. This family. I tell ya. Their family shoots keep getting more and more adorable. I can hardly wait to photograph these kids again this fall!

McCue Family  

If you are not amused by babies tugging on their daddy’s epic beard, you’ll also not be amused by this precious family photo shoot. (But seriously, one of my favorite photos ever is contained in this post. If that’s not click bait, I don’t know what is.) ^ BEST PHOTO EVER! Am I wrong?



Gielow Family – Spring 2016  

The Gielows are always so fun to work with, and this shoot was no different than usual. We met up at Wheaton Regional Park for our spring 2016 family session. We had planned to take a ride on the train, but it was closed due to rain that morning which had made the tracks unfit for the train (apparently!). Even without the train ride these two boys loved exploring the tracks, the pond, and the merry-go-round!

Kati Sweaney’s Headshots  

Kati works in admissions at Reed College, but she’s also an actress. She needed new professional and acting headshots, so we captured some at Sellwood Park.



The Furgison Brothers  

These two boys are just the sweetest, cutest, most rambunctious kids! We had a blast taking photos at Camille Park in Beaverton.

Howell Family  

I’m starting to really love Cooper Mountain Nature Park, especially in the fall! This week I had a blast photographing the growing Howell family. They recently added a second grandbaby, and soon they’ll add a second son-in-law!



Emma’s Senior Photos  

Emma is graduating from Beaverton High this year, and we captured her senior photos at Pittock Mansion and downtown Portland. We were even joined by her bestie! So fun.

Thomas’ Senior Photos  

Thomas is graduating from Beaverton High School this year! We spent some time strolling through Cooper Mountain Nature Park to capture his senior photos.